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Additional Works

Communication Cabinets: Installations/Upgrades, Related Services, Equipment, Cabinet Refits - Video Calling and Conferencing - and Various Other Help

We are often asked to perform additional works related to our main services, some of which are as follows.


Communication Cabinets


Whether you need data racks for your network equipment or server racks for your servers, Fibrelight Communication Networks provides full installations for whichever communication cabinet you need. Lockable communication cabinets make your cabling and equipment safer, more secure, easily accessible and manageable, easier to add to (e.g. additional racks) and more efficient (e.g. cooling and ventilation). You can have wallmounted or floorstanding cabinets or even open racks, all of various sizes (e.g. half height for telephony systems, full height for server systems) and specific capacities (e.g. 6u to 48u) according to your requirements.

Upgrades, Related Services, Equipment

Communication cabinets often require upgrades to accommodate an increasing infrastructure (e.g. more server racks and switches), so our bespoke cabinet upgrades provide whatever you need. We also install spurs, power and the cabling for CABs, do all the patching, and supply and install any necessary equipment or accessories (e.g. cable trays, patch and drop leads, power strips, UPS power systems, fan units/exhaust fans and fan trays), including related equipment (e.g. hubs, switches and routers). You can therefore get everything you need for your communication cabinets and more from Fibrelight Communication Networks, including cabinet refits.

Cabinet Refits

If communication cabinets are not maintained properly and are added to by different workers unsystematically (e.g. for specific connections without considering the overall structure), their tangled leads can cause problems for manageability, accessibility, testing, upgrades, diagnostics, efficiency and even performance. When this happens, it’s time for a cabinet refit.

Fibrelight Communication Networks’ cabinet refit service overcomes all the above issues by devising a suitable system then implementing it accordingly. This usually involves five stages:

  1. Stripping out of all the patch leads.
  2. Reorganising patch panels, switches and any other equipment.
  3. Installing cable management bars between switches and patch panels.
  4. Repatching of all required ports.
  5. Testing of the CAB, equipment and devices.

Understandably, some avoid having cabinet refits because of the disruption they anticipate, but Fibrelight Communication Networks will work outside your office hours to avoid disruption so you can reap all the benefits of a refit without experiencing downtime.


Video Calling | Conference Suites | Similar Facilities

Some businesses and other organisations want more than simple conferencing over their PCs through software such as Skype, so we install video calling and communications systems for specific uses (e.g. business meetings) or fully integrated conference suits (e.g. video, power, data, sound, lighting), all according to your specifications. Similarly, we supplement our audio systems service with integrated audiovisual systems for those who require only these.


Support, Maintenance, Migrations, Upgrades, Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Solutions

If any of your existing systems that relate to our main services are experiencing difficulties, have limitations or need checking, we offer help to ensure they operate efficiently and effectively. Some examples of these are as follows:

  • support – give guidance for using your existing equipment (e.g. CCTV optional features): if you need support, we can provide it
  • maintenance – repair or replace modules, preventative maintenance
  • migrations – move certain installations for office moves (e.g. CAB equipment)
  • upgrades – change from Cat 5 to Cat 6 cabling, install a larger CAB
  • troubleshooting – conduct network health checks, problems with existing alarm systems
  • diagnostics – perform tests to identify specific issues (e.g. damaged cabling)
  • solutions – ultimately, Fibrelight Communication Networks provides solutions to your problems.


If you need anything related to the services on this page or our main services, just simply contact us.


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