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Projectors and Projector Screens - Interactive Whiteboards - Interactive Touchscreen Technology - Smart TVs - Audio Systems/Sound Systems

Multimedia technology can create a dynamic environment and enhance the user experience by engaging audiences, improving the quality of delivery, and sharing material easily and effectively with all participants. Its essence, though, is often interactivity whereby users enter a two-way process and enjoy an immersive experience.

Multimedia technology has an increasing presence and a prominent role in educational, business, non-profit, public sector, domestic and other environments. Fibrelight Communication Networks can supply and install your new multimedia technology or upgrade your existing set-up, offering you specific equipment or a complete multimedia system for a single room, throughout a building or across your entire organisation. Simply choose from our various multimedia technology services below or ask us about any related services you require to get just what you want.


Projectors and Projector Screens

Get clear images projected onto walls, screens or interactive whiteboards for enlarged personal viewing (e.g. home cinema) or a shared experience that encourages participation and facilitates interaction while helping presenters, teachers, etc. Our box enclosures prevent dangling wires, thus improving tidiness and safety (like our concealed wiring of projectors), and they contain connection kits so connecting additional equipment such as laptops, DVD players and games consoles is really easy.

Projector screens come in different sizes, they can be fixed or pull down, and they vary in quality, but although they can be a cheaper option and do indeed suit some, others use alternative equipment with their projectors such as interactive whiteboards.


Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are a central feature of the modern classroom, improving teachers’ lessons and their delivery, attracting and maintaining learners’ attention, encouraging collaborative education, facilitating interaction – with both technology and other people – and ultimately improving learning. They give schools access to abundant innovative software, communal access to the internet and ample opportunities for learning via technology.

Fibrelight has supplied and installed interactive whiteboards for single schools, schools throughout whole boroughs and other educational institutions (colleges, universities). Although you’ll no doubt have a good idea which interactive whiteboard is for you – brand and model; electromagnetic or resistive; mobile or fixed – our experienced engineers will help you get the ideal equipment and installation for your intended use in your educational setting.

Educational institutions have not monopolised interactive whiteboards, though: we install many in businesses, training centres and other environments for similar (e.g. multiplatform multimedia) yet distinct (e.g. collaboration on corporate documents) purposes.


Interactive Flat Panel Displays, Touchscreen Technology and Others

Interactive flat panel displays are in essence touch panels that invite users to interact with technology both mentally and physically. They support simultaneous touches from individuals, pairs, and small or large teams, thus offering a range of collaborative group work.

The LED displays come in various sizes and resolutions to suit your setting and preferences, and they offer HD images so they're better quality than most other interactive installations. Fibrelight Communication Networks supplies and installs interactive flat panel displays, various touchscreen technology and similar products such as interactive tables to give you the most effective interactive equipment for your setting.


Smart TVs

Smart TVs come preloaded with apps and teachers can connect to them via wi-fi using often already familiar iPads/tablets for a mobile platform. Operating these from anywhere in the classroom while monitoring and working with pupils, teachers don’t have to stand at the front and, similarly, pupils can interact from their seats – if these options are preferred.

Although commonly used within education (including colleges and universities), they now appear in many settings such as training suites, public buildings and businesses. They offer alternative displays or supplementary interaction alongside other equipment – however you use them is up to you.


Audio Systems/Sound Systems

If you need a bespoke audio system, specific audio equipment or related services (e.g. AV suite) in your large or small room, Fibrelight provides whatever functionality you desire with easy-to-use systems/equipment. We've provided audio systems and equipment to retail outlets, educational establishments, conference centres, hotels, houses of worship/churches, music halls/settings, leisure centres/gyms and public sector institutions for many purposes: background and other music, public address, presentations/talks and multi-zoned audio solutions. Wherever you need a sound system (or specific audio equipment) for whatever purpose, we can provide it.

You can have complete systems, multi-speaker systems or specific audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixers, loudspeakers and surround sound installed how you want them (e.g. speakers connected to specific equipment, wall mounted or ceiling mounted). We can add video services for tailored AV systems and provide additional services such as lighting, projection and electrical works to give you everything you need.


Fibrelight Communication Networks and Multimedia

From design to completion, Fibrelight Communication Networks prioritises your needs and setting considerations for customised multimedia designs and installations. To get a multimedia system, a combined package from any of the above or related multimedia then simply contact us.



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