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Local Area Networks (LANs) - Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) - Wide Area Networks (WANs) - Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) - Network Health Checks

Your network infrastructure determines the quality and effectiveness of your data communications but it relies on your structured cabling system, its design and its implementation. Offering various wired and wireless network services, Fibrelight Communication Networks integrates all relevant factors in a bespoke installation to suit your specific requirements.


Local Area Networks (LANs)

A local area network, which takes various forms, is a computer system within a restricted, specific space (usually a building or site) such as an office, an educational institution (becoming CANS: campus-area networks), a domestic property (becoming HANs: home-area networks) or various commercial properties. Each computer or another ‘node’ on a LAN operates independently but also shares devices (e.g. printers), communicates with others (e.g. messaging) and accesses communal data (e.g. intranet) within the LAN. Although LANs can transfer data quickly, they usually cover limited distances.


Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs)

Metropolitan area networks connect numerous LANs and thus cover greater areas (hence distances) than individual LANs. Specific organisations (e.g. a council over a borough) and public services (e.g. throughout a town or city) use them to connect users and share regional resources. Usually using high-speed network connections such as fibre optic cabling, MANs allow extremely rapid communication throughout their interconnected networks but also provide access to wider area networks such as the internet. Fibrelight Communication Networks has worked on various aspects of MANs, including installing fibre optic cables across a town centre between buildings.


Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Wide area networks actually contain and transfer data within and between LANs, MANs and other local computer infrastructures so they interconnect geographically restricted networks. They work similarly to LANs but on a much larger scale as they operate over vast geographical areas such as a region, a country or even internationally with other WANs. Therefore, they provide the means to connect computers globally.


Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)

Wireless local area networks use a wireless distribution method (e.g. OFDM high-frequency radio waves) for devices to connect to LANs and consequently the internet via a physical access point (AP) at the end of a wired network. They cover limited spaces (e.g. home, office, building) and avoid sometimes impractical cabling into many rooms, giving users a network connection across a site so they can work wherever it suits and stay in constant contact throughout the site.

Fibrelight Communication Networks offers wireless services to suit your building and needs – specific bandwidth, signal and speed requirements; particular coverage areas (indoor and outdoor) and distances; required number of access points; and accountability and enhanced security – so you can get the wireless connection you need.


Network Health Checks

If your network is experiencing problems (e.g. insufficient backbone for changing demands) and/or poor performance but you aren’t quite ready for a full upgrade, a network health check can ensure your system still works optimally. Issues we can help you resolve include compromised security, poor throughput speeds, insufficient bandwidth and intermittent reliability. A network health check usually includes tests of network points, checks on hubs, switches and particular weak spots (e.g. patch leads), reviews of compliance/standards and an examination of your cabling infrastructure, but we tailor it according to your set-up, issues and preferences.

A network health check can avoid refit/upgrade costs, avert downtime, prevent bigger problems that may be looming, and maintain effective performance and thus productivity, so get your network sorted now before more serious issues arise.


Whether you require a complete network installation (e.g. LAN), help with specific parts of it (e.g. cabling) or a check of your current system, Fibrelight Communication Networks can provide what you need so contact us now to sort your network issues.



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