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Alarm Systems

Business, Home and Other Alarm Installations - Domestic Burglar/Intruder Alarm Systems and Crime Prevention

Fibrelight Communication Networks offers various alarm systems for businesses, homes and many other buildings.


Business, Home and Other Alarm Installations

Protect Your Business | Safeguard Your Home and Keep Your Family Safe | Secure Any Other Building

Fibrelight Communication Networks supplies, designs, installs, maintains, repairs and upgrades commercial, domestic and other alarm systems to keep intruders at bay. Our bespoke alarm systems increase your security when you’re at home and they offer your premises greater protection when you're away from them. They can include the following:

  • bells-only intruder alarm systems – ideal for small business/SMEs and houses – or alarm systems with greater functionality
  • user-friendly control panels and keypads – straightforward code input to turn systems on and off
  • door/window contacts if required – secure all or the most vulnerable entry points to your commercial, domestic or other premises
  • panic alarm(s) (if desired) – when you’re in and your burglar alarm goes off, you can still alarm a burglar
  • wireless burglar alarm systems or neat wiring (concealed where possible) – keeps it tidy and prevents damage/easy sabotage
  • options for Vo-comm speech dialling units to contact customers (landline, mobile phone), and warnings on your mobile

You therefore get what’s best for your premises, situation and needs. But why not have a package with CCTV Systems and CCTV Camera Installations, security lights and other security technology? We also maintain existing alarm systems, fix or replace faulty components and offer additions (e.g. extra sensors, more rooms/spaces/entry points covered, door alarms).


Domestic Burglar/Intruder Alarm Systems and Crime

  • The British Crime Survey notes that burglary previously soared: a 14% annual increase of burglary rates in England and Wales.
  • It also acknowledged that this rate then fell, with home security being key to reducing domestic burglary offences: intruder alarms “are very effective in reducing the risk of burglary”; not having one can therefore make you vulnerable.
  • 80% of burglaries leave victims emotionally affected (shock, feeling vulnerable, losing confidence and sleep loss).
  • Most major home insurance providers offer reductions with correctly fitted and well-maintained burglar alarms.

Increase your security now: ask Fibrelight about your business, home or other alarm system installation to reduce your risk of the emotional distress thousands of burglary victims suffer every year, the loss and damage business owners experience daily, and the costly damage intruders can inflict on a building in minutes. Do it now to help stop the crime, not when it’s too late.


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