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CCTV Cameras and CCTV Systems - Burglary/Crime and CCTV Systems - Features and Options -Surveillance Systems with Other Security Systems
Fibrelight Communication Networks provides a range of CCTV equipment and services to suit your particular setting.


Features and Options

  • motion detection – recording however many seconds before and after movement you prefer
  • night vision – see during the night, not merely in daylight
  • save video and images (inbuilt camera) – you can return to them when you want to
  • high quality/high resolution colour CCTV images – NOT the poor and limited images many give
  • image manipulation – highlight, change contrast or zoom in on saved images for sharper scrutiny
  • calendar – days and times given so you can pinpoint incidents
  • flexible video footage storage – store for 2, 4 or 8 weeks, for example, to suit your situation
  • progressive scan – see and record all activity, not just several images
  • internal and external – see inside and outside your property for comprehensive coverage
  • live streaming via the internet, TV, compatible phones and other devices – improving access opportunities
  • remote access – you can see and study your CCTV images from anywhere in the world
  • slow motion – slow the images right down for a closer, focused analysis
  • speaker – allowing callouts
  • microphone detect sounds – you can listen to all conversations and any noise
  • signage and stickers available – act as deterrents
  • easy to use/user friendly – simplifying your monitoring and subsequent analysis
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring – never miss a second

These give you control – you use the CCTV cameras as you want to use them. You’ll also receive a demonstration and have Q&A opportunities so you’re comfortable with your new CCTV security surveillance system.

“CCTV systems are an important weapon to fight against crime.”

Metropolitan Police

CCTV Cameras and CCTV Systems – Protect Your Home and Business Premises

Fibrelight Communication Networks’ CCTV installation services (and provisions) cater for your domestic and commercial needs to give your homes and small businesses/SMEs additional security. Our installers listen to your requirements, survey your premises and give you advice (e.g. camera positions, type and number) to provide bespoke CCTV installations that suit your property and your individual needs. Installing one of our CCTV system means you can deter potential intruders, feel and be more secure, and reduce your risk of suffering a crime many undergo every year.


Burglary/Crime and CCTV Security Surveillance Systems

  • An effective home CCTV system means your home is 90% less likely to be burgled (Home Office).
  • AXA has recorded a 31% drop in overall business crime, with CCTV being part of an integrated system to reduce such crime.
  • Despite such a reduction, hotspots exist for crime against businesses; for example, Wigan and Hull have topped AXA’s Business Crime Index rankings.

One of Fibrelight’s easy-to-use CCTV surveillance systems can therefore help you avoid becoming another victim.


Surveillance Systems with Other Security: Take Control of Your Property

To reduce your risk further, you can have packages with other security systems such as Alarm Systems and spotlights/security lights for comprehensive security. We also provide maintenance, repair and upgrade services on your previously installed security systems to ensure they work optimally.

If you want a new CCTV security surveillance system, CCTV camera or other security technology, simply contact Fibrelight Communication Networks now to discuss your CCTV camera system and installation requirements.




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